ICLM - Guest Post Author Karly Lane

Continuing on with our lovely selection of Chick Lit Authors and Guest Posters who are helping us celebrate International Chick Lit Month. Today we have Australian author Karly Lane , we have had Chick Lit with L.A Dale and Choc Lit with Sue Moorcroft and today readers we have Chook Lit - (this has spurred an idea for a post later on :)

Author Guest Post : Karly Lane.

Well, if you believe what newspapers are dubbing rural lit nowadays- apparently I write chook lit…I’m told it has more to do with the actual rural aspect and farmyard bird than it does with a woman past her ‘chick’ prime! Something I am most definitely relieved to discover!
So what is Chick Lit? Well, I’m no expert, but my take on what makes a good chick lit novel is that it is a romantic comedy- with alternating moments of needing a tissue and getting a stitch in your side from laughing out loud, wrapped up nicely with a happy ending.
I am a huge chick-flick movie buff. There is nothing better than a glass of wine, a packet of chips and a great Rom Com on a Friday night! I think maybe this influences how I write—even though I wouldn’t necessarily class myself as writing chick lit, per se…I have lots of elements in my books and one of my favourite is the comedy element.
Because a lot of what I write can sometimes have a bit of a dark edge to it—I think it’s important that I lighten it up with touches of humour—and given that my heroines are very much the fish out of water type characters it gives plenty of scope for humorous disasters to eventuate.
In North Star we had Kate deciding to seduce her hunky policeman…only to end up in the wrong mans bed—awkwardthen in my latest—Morgan’s Law, poor old Sarah comes face to face with a phobia in a scene that involves, a naked woman, a sexy farmer, a shower stall and a frog.
So, I guess if you believe in happy ever afters, sassy heroines, a dash of humour and lots of romance—then you can rest assured – you are indeed a chick lit, chick! So what are you waiting for- go out and get reacquainted with Chick Lit- you won’t be sorry!


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