Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blue Fall - BB Griffith

Looking for a new fantasy book ? Love discovering Indie Authors?
Blue Fall (The Tournament #1)
Synopsis: Blue Fall -Book #1 The Tournament- B.B Griffith- September 2011
Blue Fall contains all the elements of mystery, thriller, and suspense genres building to an action-packed unexpected conclusion, leaving the reader begging for more. Author B.B. Griffith has created a storyline which skillfully intertwines four subplots, and a cast of unforgettable characters.
The novel is set in contemporary times in the midst of a world weary of war. The Tournament, a secret group of incredibly affluent and influential individuals, implements a scheme for creating a modern day equivalent of the heroic contests of the past where individual champions were sent into battle to settle disputes between warring nations. The organization’s plan calls for a competition where players are selected to represent member countries using a “diode” technology which makes it possible for team members to be brought back to life after “dying.” Although originally designed as a sport, the conflict takes on a sinister side, as ruthless team captains turn the competition into coldblooded combat. (This is not a book for the squeamish reader.)
The organization’s secrecy is put in jeopardy when a disgruntled insurance adjuster inadvertently becomes involved in exposing the plan.
Blue Fall is the first in The Tournament series. B. B. Griffith has amazing insight into human nature. This has helped him to develop strong characters, incorporating them into a powerful plot, using believable technology, creating intentional and enjoyably escapist reading. Griffith has created a daunting plot of misdirected motivation with coldblooded results. The fast-paced action, well-scripted dialog, and universal appeal of the storyline make Blue Fall a potential big screen movie success.

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