Saturday, May 12, 2012

Review: Starring Me , by Krista McGee

A few months ago, I read an amazing book called "First Date" by Krista McGee . I adored it to pieces, it was like The Teenage Christian Bachelor Show. When I read that she was writing a new one I was excited and added it to my wishlist, a few weeks ago I saw the book advertised on Netgalley. I then promptly requested it and well, readers here is my review on Krista McGee's newest book.
Review: Starring Me - Krista McGee - July 2012
I fell in love with this author when I opened her very first book and started reading it , the book was "First Date", it was amazing. When I heard she was writing a second one starring the best friend of the main character Addy in the first book, I just knew I had to read it.
Starring Me is the story of Kara McCormick , she starred alongside Addy in the reality show The Book of Love in which she competed to win a date to the prom with the President's son who Addy is now dating.
In Starring Me, it's time for a new reality show of sorts . New Teen Pop sensation Chad Beacon has been offered his own tv show alongside a female co-star , his parents want the co-star to be a christian female and now unless the studio wants their show with Chad to be a no-go they must find a Teenage Christian girl who can act, sing and laugh and one who doesn't mind the cameras. Fast forward and Kara is chosen to audition for the show, Kara and ten other girls are to live in a house and prove their skills but what the girls don't realise is that this isn't just a talent show, the housemother will be selecting the right girl based on character . We learn that Kara is a running contestant , but the downside is she just doesn't know the Lord.  With the help of the housemother's literary knowledge and Godly wisdom, can she show Kara that God's way is the perfect step of faith ?
Starring Me, is not only a novel about a group of teen girls in competition for a reality show it is also one girl's journey to discovering who she is and her steps to become a Christian.
Starring Me by Krista McGee is also loosely based on the story of Issac and Rebekkah found in Genesis 24 in the Old testament.
I look forward to seeing what other books Krista comes out with in the future as if her first two are anything to go by, she has definitely found her way into my favourite author list.

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