Review: Heartburn - Anne Cassidy

Do you love murder mysteries ? Looking for a Teen Version of authors like Karen Rose, James Patterson, Harlan Coben ?
One of my all-time favourite authors ever since I discovered her book "Looking for JJ" when I was younger is Anne Cassidy.
Review: Heartburn - Anne Cassidy-February 2011
I have always been a huge fan of crime and mystery fiction and one of my first authors I ever discovered when I was at college was Anne Cassidy. From then on , I have read every single book she has written.  In her latest Heartburn, we meet Ashley - a year ago she dated in secret Tyler Harrington and then Tyler got into trouble and moved towards the drug crowd as did Ashley's brother Dan. Dan got into drugs and on the wrong side of the law, so Ashley pulled strings and got Tyler to help her out. Now one year later, Tyler is in too deep and needs Ashley's help as if she doesn't this may be the end for Tyler. Tyler has been researching deaths of drug dealers in the neighbourhood, teenage boys and has discovered that their are connections between the police and the top drug lords. He has all the evidence to put them away but needs someone he can trust to keep it safe till he is out of hospital. But when Tyler goes missing, Ashley starts to worry and heads out her way to look for him but soon she will find herself if she's not careful next on the hit list . Can Ashley save not only herself or Tyler before it's too late or will her commitment to Tyler be the end of her?
Find out in Heartburn by Anne Cassidy.


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