Monday, May 21, 2012

Review: Blood Legacy, by Marianne Morea

Do you love Vampire stories ? Ever felt a soul mate connection with anyone before ?
Love at first sight?
Review: Blood Legacy - Marianne Morea - December 2011
I first read Marianne's book "Hunter's Blood" and loved the fast-paced style and how the novel kept me intrigued , so when I heard that she had released another book. I knew I just had to read it and I enjoyed it.
In Blood Legacy, we meet Vampire Carlos he seems to have claimed the area of "Avalon" for himself as we read the interaction between Carlos and Sandor's vampires who get all up in his area.  Carlos as we read seems to be filled with emotions of guilt for the monster he is as we read him flipping back to his past life and the lead-up to the Vampire he is today. Normally, he comes to Avalon to prowl for new blood but today is different, he has spotted a woman who could see through his Vampire wards , a woman who seems eerily familiar and he cannot get her out of her head, a women he has never even meet or seen before. 
Trina , has been having nightmares and erotic ones at that , dreams of a man who can get under her skin. She shakes it off, but are her dreams telling her something of her past or are they a foretelling of what is to come ?
When Carlos meets Trina, he feels an instant reaction to her - a feeling he has not felt in centuries , a feeling he had experienced only once before with Isabella. 
How can this mere mortal make him feel this way and how is his feelings for Trina related to her dreams , find out all this and more in another fast-paced and a book that will keep you reading more as you discover the hidden truths of Trina's bloodline and legacy.


  1. Paula! Thank you for the fabulous five star review!!!! I appreciate the kind words and hope you'll be up for reading more of my work as I publish it...

    Marianne Morea

    1. Sounds Great Marianne :) Definitely Keep in Touch . BTW The Paranormal Romance Guild sounds like a blast and can I say Im Jealous about the Anne Rice Conference
      Paula :)

  2. You are welcome to join us in October if you can swing it! We are a blast to hang out with, and Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dacre Stoker are going to be there as well. I'll let you know about the PRG as soon as I speak with our Review Chairperson. I'm sure she'd love to have you as a guest reviewer. We get about as many books a month to review as you...how you do it on your own I have NO idea! LOL!


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