ICLM - Guest Post with Kerri Williams

As we plod along for International Chick Lit Month, I have to say I am loving having authors and people who love Chick Lit featured on my blog that it has given me ideas for future blogging projects on The Phantom Paragrapher.

What Came First ? The Movie or The Book :
Which came first? The chicken or the egg or the chick-lit book or the movie and which I would prefer.
How many readers pick up a book because they have seen the movie versus readers who read the book which later becomes the movie? (Say that really fast three times)
I have been confused on many occasions where they have given the book a new cover because of the release of its feature film and thought the movie came first to discover it was re-released with the films cover for exposure, , which brings me to the question of the chicken or the egg analogy.
But has the film stayed true to the book? Not in many cases, for example the case of P.S I Love you or The Notebook which I must say are a couple of my favourite movies. To read this after watching the film is quite disappointing.
I think I like reading any genre before the movie, I don’t know what will happen next and the excitement has me flipping the pages and wiping my teary eyes as I fight against glancing at the last chapter to find out if their relationship made it. To then watch the movie I can enjoy it for what it is and the difference in how a producer took in the pages that I read and invested my time and heart in.
I’m a movie buff who loves to read and who’s obviously not alone. There’s people who have fallen in love with each of these books, their characters and the journey they take just as much as I have to think that we would enjoy it on film which I eternally thankful for― but when will they have someone write a book based on the movie Sweet Home Alabama? When will they come to terms that possibly the egg came before the chicken?
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  1. I must say, That was a fun blog to write.
    Thanks Paula

    1. It was awesome to have you on my blog :) I actually own PS I Love You, The Notebook and Sweet Home Alabama on DVD and many more Chick Flick movies :)

  2. Love it! And Kerri, I think im going to watch Sweet Home Alabama now that it's been mentioned. I love that movie!

    1. me too! Not watching but I love it. Hmmm maybe if I have the time today I might actually pull it from the cupboard.
      Thanks Karin

  3. Great information. I love blogs where I learn. I like your style too and your trailer is super. Good luck on the book.


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