Review: Jane and the Damned - Janet Mullany

Are you a fan of Jane Austen ? Do you love Vampire stories ? 
Review: Jane and the Damned - Book #1 Immortal Jane series - Janet Mullany-September 2010
Ever wondered what life would be like if your favourite authors were in fact Vampires ? It seems that our lovely Jane Austen has been turned into one of the Damned. While out one night at a function with her sisters, Miss Austen still reeling from the heartbreak of Tom Lefroy meets a handsome gentleman or so she thinks - the mysterious Mr. Smith . After a night of partying, Jane wakes up feeling well mysterious herself and we discover that Mr.Smith was in fact a Vampire and has turned our favourite author Jane Austen into one of them. 
As we all know that Jane is in fact a Vicar's daughter and it seems like Miss Elizabeth Bennett was her father's daughter as was Jane and we can read that Jane's older sister Cassandra seems alot like Elizabeth's older sister Jane Bennett. Instead of casting her out into the wilds, Jane and her father travel to Bath as it is said that the waters in Bath can cure one from the disease of the Damned. It is at the waters though, that Jane meets Vampire Luke Venning and in a way falls for him and vice versa. Soon Luke takes Jane under his wings and then war strikes, unable to write any more as Jane has lost her inspiration , she turns to fighting against the French in the war.  Will Jane survive the war and learn to live as one of the Damned or will she miss the feel of pen on paper and her old life and take to the waters of Bath eventually ?
Find out in a fun novel that boasts "It's more than her wit that's biting"  by author Janet Mullany and stay tuned for Book #2 Blood Persuasion , which I'm guessing is based on Jane's novel "Persuasion".


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