Review: Mattie's Meltaways - Mary Manners

Looking for a nice sweet read ? Something for all those sweet tooth's and romantics out there ?
Have you been following Mary Manner's Sweet Treats Series ?
Review: Mattie's Meltaways- Book #4 Sweet Treats Bakery Series - Mary Manners-January 2012
If you are like me, then you have been following and enjoying Mary Manner's Sweet Treats series , the series follows the lives of four sisters whose parents are deceased and they all work and run the Sweet Treats Bakery. 
Mattie's Meltaways focuses on the eldest of the sisters Mattie and the new  feelings that she is starting to experience with friend and regular customer Tyler. 
Tyler is a fireman and also a solo dad to Jessie whose turns seven in the novel , Tyler now a single dad after the death of his wife Lydia three years ago , she died during childbirth along with their baby son. Lydia and Mattie were best friends and now Mattie feels that she is betraying her friendship with Lydia as she starts to develop feelings for Tyler.  Tyler is also in the same boat and we soon read as a passion bantering begins as each tries to find the right way to ask each other out . Can they do it before it's too late and both have moved on ? or will the pair feel that having a relationship too hurtful as they remember Lydia ?
Find out in this short novella to whether Mattie and Tyler reach their Happily Ever After moments :) 
Mattie Spencer has spent the last decade raising her three younger and grooming Sweet Treats Bakery into a thriving business. Over the years, she's watched her sisters grow into beautiful women and find the men of their dreams. Now it's her turn, but, at thirty-five, she feels too old to dream of a husband and children of her own.

Tyler Jacobs, a firefighter in the small town of Mount Ridge, keeps busy raising his seven-year-old daughter. The death of his wife during three years ago still haunts him, but morning stops into Sweet Treats, along with a dose of conversation and a handful of Mattie's delicious mint meltaways, kindle a desire he thought was extinguished forever.

Now Tyler has just one goal--to convince Mattie that love knows no age.


  1. Paula,

    Thank you so much for the wonderful review and for taking the time to read my Sweet Treats Bakery Series. I am so glad you have enjoyed getting to know the Spencer sisters!


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