ICLM - Guest Post by Jennifer Lane

Celebrating International Chick Lit Month, today we have author of "Good Behaviour" Jennifer Lane and she is discussing the topic of "Chick Lit Heroines.
Reader's Enjoy and while you are reading it , have a think about who your'e Chick Lit Heroine Is ?

How Strong Should a Chick Be?

For Chick Lit Month, I’m happy to visit Paula’s blog to discuss the strength of Chick Lit heroines. Do you prefer a heroine who’s strong and independent, pulling her own weight in relationships? Or do you like a softer heroine who needs protection and guidance from an alpha male?

As a feminist, athlete, and single woman, I definitely prefer a strong heroine—less “chick” and more “woman”. I like heroines who are intelligent and tough, while also maintaining feminine traits of intuition, caring, and a dose of vulnerability.

In Chick Lit romances, the strength of the heroine obviously influences the dominance of the hero. A lot of women like the strong, silent type who whooshes in to rescue and save his lady. I admit a muscular alpha man can be quite appealing, but I also like a sense of balance in romantic relationships, in which the partners support and influence each other in positive ways.

I’ve received some interesting feedback about my choice to create a beta hero in my romantic suspense novels, The Conduct Series (http://jenniferlanebooks.blogspot.com/2011/01/alpha-or-beta-how-do-you-like-your.html). My hero actually cries a few times *gasps* and for some readers, that’s a few times too many! It’s funny how I didn’t get any negative comments about my heroine shedding some tears too.


Who represents your idea of a Chick Lit Male or Female Hero ? What do you look for in a Chick Lit Heroine or Hero ?


  1. Thank you for having me to your blog, Paula! I'm definitely interested in hearing readers' opinions on their favorite chick lit heroines.

  2. Hey Ladies!

    I'm a huge fan of alpha ladies in fiction. I remember reading a romance a million years ago where the female lead could barely tie her shoes without fainting, crying and seeking help from the male using only her pleading eyes and smooshy bosom. I was so very sick of her by the end, I was disappointed the dude saved her from the peril she'd stupidly fallen into.

    Great post Jennifer! Thanks Paula for having this topic.

  3. Excellent Jen! You know I love my ladies bad ass and like Deb, all the weepy "Save me!" women make me want to hurl. Screw the waiting to be saved, I like to read about the women that DO the saving!

    Great topic Paula!

  4. Great post! I like strong female characters too. Ones that can take care of themselves but aren't afraid to ask for a little help once in awhile. Makes them human. :)

  5. Cherie, I think it takes a lot of strength to ask for help so I totally agree with you.


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