Saturday, May 12, 2012

Review: Monday's Child, by Clare Revell

Looking for a Christian thriller ?
Do you remember the poem "Monday's Child" ?
Review: Monday's Child- Book #1 Child Series - Clare Revell - April 2012
Based on the child's Nursery Rhyme "Monday's Child" comes an updated version with a book series to follow by Clare Revell.
The series will follow the order of the poem:

Monday’s Child must hide for protection,

Tuesday’s Child tenders direction
Wednesday’s Child grieves for his soul
Thursday’s Child chases the whole
Fridays Child is a man obsessed
Saturday’s Child might be possessed
And Sunday’s Child on life’s seas is tossed Awaiting the Lifeboat that rescues the lost.

Monday's Child by Clare Revell , is a book that all those in favour of reading mystery and thrillers will enjoy along with those still in favour of having a hint of christianity injected into the story.  It was great to see Clare Revell branching into the romantic suspense as the last book I read was a romantic tale based around a wedding dress and I have to say that I loved Monday's Child a whole lot better.  Monday's Child goes straight into the action with the main character Sara witnessing a murder and heading to the Witness Protection Programme.  It is in the programme that we meet Lieutenant Luke who has been sent to pretend to be Sara's husband and protect her from danger. As the book goes along, we read as a stubborn Sara tries to push Luke away as she feels that she is betraying her murdered husband. When the man that she is hiding from finds her and it seems that her husband Jamie's past wasn't as he seemed and that the murder was in fact a set-up goes wrong , will Sara survive the ordeal or will she find herself back in that place she was that fateful night clinging for her life ?
A fast paced novel and one that I cannot wait to read the rest of the series and to discover what angle Clare uses the poem as Monday's Child hid for protection in the Witness Protection Programme.


  1. thank you so much for the review. I'm glad you enjoyed the book.

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