ICLM Guest Post: L.A Dale

The month of May celebrates a special occasion for Chick Lit writers and Chick Lit lovers all around the world. It is the time of the year in which we all gather around and show our appreciation to Chick Lit . I have decided to this year , thanks to a great group of friends I know and Facebook host a series of Guest posts from Authors and Lovers of Chick Lit.

To get the ball rolling, our first Guest Poster is Author L.A Dale talking about "Why I'm a Chick Lit Author".
Her website to check out readers is http://www.ladale-writer.com/p/about-la.html
Why I’m a Chick Lit Author….
As you know, this month is International Chick Lit Month ~ Yippee ~ and what better time for a writer of Chick Lit like me to stand proudly amongst the crowd and proclaim my love of the genre.
For me, Chick Lit is like the Pop music of the book world.  It’s fun, it’s frothy and it makes you feel good. It gets stuck in your head and makes you want to read over and over, even though you know the end. It’s like the trashy reality TV I’m addicted to watching. You know it’s not real but for an hour on Tuesday nights (Real Housewives night) you get to switch off the world and live someone else’s life. You get to see characters/stars in their knickers worrying about what to wear out for a lunch with their friends. It’s escapism at its best.
I love being a Chick Lit author because it means I’m able to turn very ordinary every day situations into page turning scenes. Some are designed to make you laugh ~ I hope they do ~ and others might give you a little tear or two because Chick Lit isn’t always light hearted banter, a gay best friend and handbags.  It’s real girls in real situations who just happen to deal with things in a rather over the top way. 
And that’s me to a tee. Recently, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The first thing I thought of was making the journey into a book.  People I didn’t know thought I was going to write some serious memoir type thing ~ something strong, uplifting and inspirational.  A memoir? Me? God no. My book, based on my experience will definitely not be some sad sack thing to make other cancer sufferers cry.  I want to tell them all through my character ~ Sophie ~ that yes, I have Cancer but that doesn’t mean my life sucks. Sure, bad and scary things have happened to me but if I can see the funny side then you can too. Through my writing I can put a humorous spin on my adventures and hopefully others might see their own experiences in a new light. It’s still strong, uplifting and inspirational, just in a different way. Chick Lit can do that like no other genre can.  It isn’t about sitting around mourning or feeling sorry.  Its about laughing at yourself and getting on with it.
And that’s why I’m proud to be a Chick Lit Author.
 L.A. Dale is the author of four Chick lit/Women’s Fiction titles.  You can find out more about her at http://www.ladale-writer.com or connect on her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/L.A.Dale.Author


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