Friday, May 25, 2012

Review: Alison Hewitt is Trapped - Madeline Roux

Are you into Zombie Fiction ? Looking for a fun Zombie read ?

Review: Alison Hewitt is Trapped - Book #1 Zombie Series - Madeline Roux - 2011
A few months back, I got out from the library "Sadie Walker is Stranded" , Book #2 by Madeline Roux and as I'm not normally one for Zombie books, I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy it and when I finished the book "OMG I LOVED IT" . It was a fun and enjoyable novel and easy to read. In Sadie Walker is stranded , it makes reference to a woman named Alison Hewitt and Book #1 tells her story. Alison Hewitt is Trapped starts off in the future,  years have passed since the "Zombie attack" and the local university are doing an anthology of people's stories who helped our world in the attack. One of the submissions, is the story of Alison Hewitt, a common everyday Bookshop worker and her struggle , her inspiration by connecting the world via her blog and the different posts and comments we read scrawled throughout the book which I loved. Her trials - having to kill her friends because they became infected, running from angry Black Wives and Ex-wives , her search for her mother and Liberty Village. 
If you are looking for a fun Zombie read and one that isn't too full on then look no further with Madeline Roux's series "Zombie".

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