Review: The Hangman in the Mirror- Kate Cayley

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Review: The Hangman in the Mirror - Kate Cayley -September 2011
If you enjoy historical novels , then you will enjoy The Hangman in the Mirror by Kate Cayley , this novel is based on a true story that took place in 1751 when a french au pair by the name of Francoise Laurent was accused of stealing a pair of gloves from her Madame Pommerau and was sentenced to be hung , imagine being sixteen years old and thrown in a jail cell waiting for your death to arrive by hanging. Francoise Laurent thought all was lost until she discovered that a law could prevent her from being hung , a law that stated if one was to be married to the hangman then it pardoned them from recieving the awful death of the noose around the neck.
The Hangman in the Mirror is a fictional account of the lead-up to the night that Francoise Laurent said her "I Do's" to the Hangman and escaped justly the death by hanging .
This is a great read for teenage girls as Francoise Laurent was only Sixteen and this story follows her froem her 15th to 17th years.


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