Review: Little Women and Me, by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Do you love the classic tale of Little Women ? Do you enjoy modern renditions ? Do you enjoy stories where the main character finds themselves whooshed into the book ?
We have read it countless times with Jane Austen's stories and the Bronte sisters but until today never with Louisa May Alcott's tales.
Review: Little Women and Me - Lauren Baratz-Logsted - November 2011
One of my favourite things I love reading about is tales where the main character gets sucked into another world especially the type of world that finds them living inside the book that they have been reading or in this case writing about. Our story starts in the modern world of 2011 when Emily March -the middle child is feeling invisible as the boy she is in love with likes her sisters Charlotte and Anne. The book then forwards into her English Class where the teacher Mr O has given them an assignment to pick a book that they like and write an essay containing three things they love about the book and one thing that they want to change. For Anne, this is hard so she heads home to her bookshelf and runs her fingers along her books till her fingers tingle on Little Women. As Emily starts to re-read it , with a v-room which sounds like a vacuum cleaner , she is sucked into the novel only to become the "Middle March" sister . Transported back to the year 1860, Emily must learn to live like the March Clan and not trip up on modern conveniences, however as the novel goes along we wonder if the rest of the March sisters realise something is up as they can't remember details about Emily, it's like she only just appeared. A fun novel that will take Emily right into the heart of the tale Little Women by Louisa May Alcott , will let Emily know she wasn't the only one to be transported into the tale and of course we read in wonder to whether Emily will escape the world of Little Women or is she destined to remain the "Middle March" and is her family back home missing her as the years roll on by in LittleWomen Land ?
Find out all this in more in this fun and interactive novel that all lovers of literature and children classics will enjoy.
Author Lauren Baratz-Logsted has also written for Nancy Drew Lovers "Nancy Drew Saved my life".


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