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ICLM - Beyond the Genre of Chick Lit Lies.......

Reading Karly Lane's guest post yesterday sparked an idea with me, an idea of that beyond the main genre title of Chick Lit lies many other forms of Chick Lit - or if we want to be all technical in the literature world - Subgenres.

So readers, here is a breakdown of the eleven main subgenres (that I can think of) that lie within the heading of Chick Lit.

Beyond the Term "Chick Lit":

1. Chook Lit - Chick Lit Books that are set in a rural setting like the Outback of Australia :)
E.g North Star by Karly Lane , The Girl in the Steel Capped Boots by Loretta Hill.

2. Big Girl Lit - These are the books that feature what many would call a plus size heroine.
E.g The Heather Wells series by Meg Cabot , Little Earthquakes and Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner

3. Christian Chick Lit aka Church Chick Lit  - These are the books that have a God element or a Christian focus of sorts .
E.g The Emma Rae Series by Sandra D. Bricker, Save the Date by Kristin Billerbeck.

4.Park Avenue/Gossip Lit - The books that take place in Park Avenue and are often filled with Snobbery/ Backstabbing.
E.g Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes , The Popularity Rules by Abby McDonald.

5. Glam Career Lit - These are the books where the character is working in a glamourous job like the Fashion world, film, Hollywood etc.
E.g Lipstick Jungle by Candace Bushnell

6. Famous Lit - These are the chick lit books where the main character is a celebrity of sorts in her own making.
E.g Rock Star by Ronni Cooper.

7. Hen Lit - They say that the average age of a Heroine in a chick lit book is late 20's - 30's , so there has been created a genre for those who love Chick lit but are just a tad older. Hen Lit features the main characters from 30+.
E.g Hissy Fit - Mary Kay Andrews , The Hot Flash club by Nancy Thayer.

8. Lad Lit - Quite self-explanatory , when the author is Male or the main charaacters of the novel are Men.
E.g Eric Jerome Dickey's novels , Mike Gayle's novels.

9. Mum Lit - Books where their is some kind of mothering or parenting role involved and can range from Pregnancy, adopting kids and discovering your'e their new guardian or simply raising children.
E.g The Thin Pink Line by Lauren Baratz-Logstead , I Dont Know how she does it by Alison Pearson, The Accidental Mother series by Rowan Coleman.

10. Wedding Lit - We all love a good wedding and the events that play around it , the characters etc. Wedding Lit covers everything from Preparing Weddings, to Bridesmaids , Organising the Wedding and even the Big Day and that decision of "Am I making the right choice? and I Do"
E.g Whose Wedding is it anyway? By Melissa Senate , Always the Baker, Never the Bride by Sandra Bricker.

11. Pink Literature - Last but not least, Pink Literature - This is Chick Lit for the younger audience , the ones aged 10-13+ - 18yrs.
E.g Jacqueline Wilson's Girls in Love Series , Pink by Lili Wilkinson , Sarah Dessen's books.

Question For Readers:

What other subgenres of Chick Lit can you think of ? What type of Chick Lit Books do you prefer reading ?



  1. Hi Paula :-) I liked your article. I'm just wondering if you'd put paranormal romance in a chick-lit category? Often the protagonists/ leads are female.

    Otherwise, if I was gonna choose an 'ordinary' chick-lit book, I enjoyed reading 'Girls Night In' which is a composition of short stories by popular chick-lit authors such as Marion Keyes. Or another fave of mine was 'Bridget Jones Diary' by Helen Fielding :-)

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