Thursday, May 10, 2012

Review: Embrace, By Jessica Shirvington

Looking for an Angel novel ? One that covers the Good and not only the Fallen ?
Review: Embrace - Book #1 Violet Eden Series - Jessica Shirvington- October 2010
Violet has never been one for celebrating her birthdays as it happened to not only be the day that she came into the world but also the day her mother died. This year, Violet wishes it would just pass like the years before but unfortunately Destiny has finally come to claim Violet and set her onto the path of what will become her real reason of being on earth. They say that if a parent dies in childbirth it leaves the portal open for angels to imprint a part of themselves into the baby making them half-angel / half-human. It is when they reach the age of 17 though that their powers come all into action . When strange things start occuring , Violet can't help but be afraid and soon she is about to realise that the guy she was in love with , her trainer Lincoln is in fact also an half-angel called the Grigori and destined to be Violet's life partner. Confused, Violet is in a daze and then she meets Phoenix ( the ever hunky Phoenix) he is also an angel but he is from the evil side and is an Exile - they hunt the Grigori and Vice versa. Though part of him can't help but feel drawn to Violet and so they begin an illicit friendship. Violet , now even more uncertain of things recieves a letter from her mother who seventeen years ago knew a whole lot more about angels and in fact we are left wondering if the whole angel thing is genetic . Can Violet when it comes to the deciding day , will she embrace the life of the Grigori and stand strong with Lincoln or will she choose to become an Exile with Phoenix and fight for evil ?
Embrace the Unknown and the World of Angels with Jessica Shirvington.

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