Friday, May 11, 2012

Review: Wounded Faith - Mary Manners

Looking for a heartfelt book ?
Review: Wounded Faith - Mary Manners - May 2012
Looking for a lovely heartfelt novel ? One that will tug at your heartstrings ? I have to say Mary Manners is one of those authors for me that everytime I read one of her stories I am truly impressed. I know that I will always love and enjoy any of her books and Wounded Faith was no different and I especially love the cover of this one.
A short and quick read, Wounded Faith introduces us to Kylie who lost her sister over a year ago in a car accident, she was hit by a drunk driver. Desperate to get over her grief and to help others she started a grief support group at her local church.
Enter the handsome newcomer to the group Mason , he also has lost his brother to a car accident . Him and Kylie of course hit it off but soon when it comes into the open that their siblings deaths are related , will the hurt be too much for either of them to handle and will they be too caught up to forgive and move on ?
Another truly wonderful and quick read from Mary Manners.

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