Review: Defiance, by CJ Redwine

Looking for a new Dystopian read ? One that also houses a hint of fantasy ?

Review: Defiance - Book #1 Defiance Series- CJ Redwine- August 2012
With the sudden oomph of Dystopian to the world of books, it's no surprise that it still remains popular as many authors continue to bring them out with a hint of other genres. In Defiance , parts of it reminded me of The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood , The Selection by Kiera Cass and The Maze Runner by James Dashner. What I really love to about the genre of Dystopian is that unlike the Vampire Craze where it tended to be the Males as the heroes and a few female heroines, in the world of Dystopian the female characters are rising up and becoming the champions of the novels .
In Defiance, we meet Rachel she is sixteen and lives with her father Jared Adams in a town called Baalboden. It is a town cut off from the rest of the world by a wall , a wall that keeps out the beast known as "The Cursed One" who lives in the forest.  Rachel's dad works as a Courier for the city under the oath of the leader known as the Commander. In Baalboden, women are treated as property and are not allowed anywhere without their Protector. When Rachel's dad is away, this falls to her Grandfather Oliver. The story starts when Rachel's dad does not return back from his courier trip, Rachel knows something is up as her father is the best their is. Due to city laws, he has been declared Dead as 60 days have passed. Now with the reading of his will, it is declared that Rachel's new protector will be Logan not Oliver, her fathers apprentice and a boy she told "she loved" him two years ago and he rejected her. Desperate for answers, Defiance is one girl's tale about her escapes - attempted and tried - some fail, some successful into the forest to discover the truth about what happened to her father.
A fast-paced novel and one that kept me entertained and one all girls especially those with a fiery passion and ones that Stand strong for what they believe in will enjoy.


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