Review: Three Women - Marita Conlon-Mckenna

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Review: Three Women - Marita Conlon-McKenna - February 2012
As readers know, I love book covers and blurbs, they are the two things that I will look for if I have never read anything by the author before . If it is an author I've read and enjoyed, I will pick it up regardless.  When I was doing my practicum at Tauranga Girls College, I saw this book come through and I jotted the title down in my books to read and then when I was back at work in Greerton , it came through in the new books bin. 
I grabbed it and started reading it, I could not put it down and I found it quite a quick read. Three Women as the title suggests tells us the journey of three women that one life changing decision will connect them all together, a decision that was made over 20years ago. 
Erin has always known she was adopted and now on her 26th birthday, she yearns to find out all about her biological parents, what they were like and why she was adopted out. She has grown up with a wonderful family - parents Nina and Tom , and a brother Jack. However, she feels that her life is at a standstill and in order to move forth , she must discover her past. All Erin has is a birth certificate with a name Kate ...... , so she makes a trip to the adoption agency and from then on , she learns her mother's name Kate Cassidy.
Kate is a happily married women of 25yrs and has done everything in her power to keep Erin's birth a secret from her husband and three children. What happens when Erin comes back into Kate's life and she is forced to share the secret of Erin's birth - one she has been harbouring inside for 26yrs. Will her husband and family feel betrayed or will Kate realise just how lucky she is with her family ?
Nina is Erin's adopted mother and has been dreading this day ever since Erin arrived in her arms, now that Erin has found Kate . Will Erin feel the same way about Nina or will her job as a mother be resigned to the "other woman" ? What happens though when it looks like Tom might be having an affair , with the added pressure will Nina find herself in a dire strait and Erin torn between Nina and Kate ?
Find out all this and more in "Three Women" by Marita Conlon-McKenna


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