Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Review: Out of Sight, Out of Time - Ally Carter

Love Spy Girl novels ? Been Waiting patiently for Book #5 in the Gallagher Girls series ?
Review: Out of Sight , Out of Time - Book #5 in Gallagher Girls Series- Ally Carter - March 2012
I have always had a soft spot for spygirl novels , maybe it's a hidden desire to become a spy , live an exciting and adventurous but also at the same time scary life. One of my favourite series has been The Gallagher Girls Academy. In the book we meet Cammie Morgan , who is a distant relative of Gillian Gallagher, the founder of the school. Her mum is also the Headmistress and her aunt Rachel is one of the teachers. In Out of Sight, Out of Time we are plowed headfirst into action with Cammie waking up in what sounds like a monastery. From there , Cammie is taken back to the school and we discover she has been gone for months and the scary thing is that Cammie can't remember a single thing and the last thing she does remember is the day she left the academy, everything else is a blur. Unlike the other novels in this series , Out of Sight/Out of Time works like a flashback novel which is created to help Cammie regain her memory and trace her steps . We read as Cammie flies across the globe and starts to discover what she really got up to this summer, but if she isn't careful - she may end up dead as somebody wants her summer activities kept a secret.
Another wonderful installment of the Gallagher Girls and while you are waiting to read more of her books , head over to www.allycarter.com and check out never before seen information and tales about the Gallagher girls.


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