Review: Archangel's Consort - Nalini Singh

With the world of literature being overthrown with Vampires and Werewolves , its great to read a book with Angels as the lead roles and the Vampires playing the bare minimum required every now and again, though thats definitely not to say that I don't love my Vampire book fix as I do probably more than the average non-vampire person :)

Depending which Country you live in will determine which cover you recieve as the one on the left is the cover on Amazon and the one on the right is the cover we have in New Zealand.
                                     Archangel's Consort (Guild Hunter)

              Review: Archangel's Consort - Book #3 Guild Hunter Series -Nalini Singh - Feb 2011

Are you sick and tired of reading about the Vampires and Werewolves having the lead role in novels , think that the Angels deserve a bit of much-loved TLC and attention but still have that small yearning for the Vampire characters?

Nalini Singh brings for us readers pleasure the third book in the much-enjoyed series of Guild Hunter "Archangel's Consort". In Book #2 "Archangel's Kiss" we saw Elena getting back into contact with friend Sara after being turned from human to angel and read as we watched Elena struggle with becoming who she truly is now.

In "Archangel's Consort" we read the arrival of Elena Deveraux -Vampire Hunter and her etheral Archangel lover Raphael return home to New York , however it is not all joy as they left it . Their is a new evil at hand - a Vampire has attacked the local school and unfortunately its about to get ten times worse as bloodlust is causing the Vampire to create more chaos and mania and won't stop until he has literally painted the town red.

If this wasn't enough for Elena to handle her lover Raphael has been acting very strangely with outbursts of anger , the city of New York is under attack in a sense of weather attacks from raging storms to shuddering earthquakes. What is the cause of all this dark and evil negative energy that the city of New York is facing ? Turns out to be closer to Elena than she realised - her mother-in-law to be Cailane who has come to re-claim her son and of course like most evil mother-in-laws to be they can be nicknamed monster-in-laws as we read Cailane battle to get rid of Elena. Can Elena face up against Caliane before it's too late or is this the last we will read of Elena Deveraux.
Find out in Nalini Singh's latest Guild Hunter Novel "Archangel's Consort" .


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