Review: Spring's Renewal - Seasons of Sugarcreek Book #2- Shelley Shepard Gray

Today's book is Book #2 in the Seasons of Sugarcreek Series by Shelley Shepard Gray, a new and upcoming Christian writer whom I have been enjoying and also stay tuned as on a future date I review Book #3 Forgotten in another series of hers.

Spring's Renewal: Seasons of Sugarcreek, Book Two

Review: Spring's Renewal- Book #2 Seasons of Sugarcreek - Shelley Shepard Gray - May 2010

Remember the review of Winter's Awakening which told the tale of the arrival of Lily Allen and the courting troubles and triumphs between Josh and Gretta. Well get prepared for Book #2 as it's springtime in the year and as the title suggests it's time for a little of Spring renewal to pass the season and put joy in the hearts of others. In Book #2 we see that Josh and Gretta finally worked out their problems and married , Lily whom we discovered was pregnant in Book #1 Winter's awakening has some good news and bad news hit her and what will happen to Lily's baby when things start complicating and whose the new hottie in town that Lily seems to be crushing on ? However, Spring's renewal focuses on Tim - Josh's Cousin who has come to visit the farm and help out from Indiana and Clara - the schoolteacher . Clara has always thought that she could never be loved as due to an accident when she was five or six , it left the side of her face and body scarred, and Tim, thought that Sugarcreek would be boring and that he couldn;t wait to get back home to Indiana. But has God got a plan for both of them as Tim starts showing interest in Clara and starts to feel like Sugarcreek is a part of him. Can Clara allow her heart to be open to Tim or when she finds out that he's supposedly courting somebody back home, will she find her heart shut to him ? Can Tim lure Clara out of her insecure shell and show her just how beautiful she really is and that he can see her truly as she is and past the skin-deep appearance of her scars ?
Is Love in the Spring Air, find out in Spring's Renewal by Shelley Shepard Gray and stay tuned for Book #3 Autumn's Promise.


  1. I enjoyed your two reviews by Tyndale. I think librarians are cool, too!


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