Review : Glee -The Official Annual 2011

Are you ready for some music fun ? Into the hit TV show Glee ? Then get your dancing shoes on and head to your local bookshop or online and order Glee : The Official Annual 2011.

The Official Glee Annual 2011

Review : Glee : The Official Annual 2011 - Charlotte Ward - November 2010

Do you love the hit TV Show Glee, sing along with the musical numbers and/or consider yourself a Gleek ?
A TV Show that captured the hearts and souls of all teenagers and even adults around the world , it's HSM for Teens/Adults with funky costumes and dazzling dance rountines and sensational singing. The Glee annual is the guide for any Gleek out there with Season Episode guides , the songs they sung every episode , profiles on every character and quotes from your favourite stars e.g Rachel Berry - "I'm like Tinker Bell, I need applause to live". For those really knowledgable fans , the Glee: Official Annual also contains quizzes from a "Who Said Whom to What" - where you have to match up the sayings to for the girls - a quiz to see who your Glee Hunk is - Are you a Puck , Finn, Archie, Jessie St James or Kurt girl ? . Have you ever wondered what Sue Silvester is always writing in that journal of her's , well now with Glee: The Official Annual we have copies of her journal entries. For those who want to adorn their walls with Glee Stars, they have pull-out posters of all your favourites and to conclude ever thought about what it would be like to hold your very own Glee Party, with Glee: The Official Annual 2011 , it also doubles as your Glee Party Planner with tips on games, songs and food.
The Official Glee Annual for 2011 has something for everyone and is a must-have for all Glee Fans.


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