Review: Wildthorn - Jane Eagland

Today's book is a teen/YA Novel that was a tad odd in places and those who love a bit of a pyschological plot with a dash of historical settings will enjoy. The review copy was provided from Netgalley .


Review: Wildthorn - Jane Eagland - September 2010

Receiving this novel , I was excited as I had heard good things about it on other blogs, but as I started reading it , I found myself divided and in two minds, as part of me loved the story and another side found it frustrating . The novel starts with Louise Cosgrove being transported by carriage to what is supposed to be the Woodvilles estate where she has been brought as a companion to their daughter , where in fact she is transported to an mental asylum and only to discover everyone is calling her Lucy Childs. Soon Louise is chucked into the world of psychiatry and a life in the insane asylum. Louise , sure that this is one big mistake tries to talk the doctors into letting her leave, however they are convinced she is delusional and crazy. The story then tells the events leading up to landing in the hospital as well as the present time she spends at the hospital and discusses the doctors and her friends- the other patients. Will Louise be stuck in the aslyum and as Lucy forever or will somebody hear Louise's pleas and come save her ? What will happen when Louise realises the heartbreaking truth that her own brother and aunty/cousin were behind this ?
Find out this and more in Wildthorn , which if you are like me it is going to be a wild ride flipping back and forth through the pages just to make sure we are still on the same wavelength.


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