Review: Premiere - Melody Carlson

One of my all-time favourite Christian writers is author Melody Carlson and today's book is Book #1 in a new series of hers called "On the Runway" which is perfect timing as I just finished the last book -no #8 in her Carter House Girl Series.

Premiere (On the Runway)

Review : Premiere - Book #1 : On the Runway- Melody Carlson-May 2010

Sisters Paige and Erin Forrester are nothing alike, yet an opportunity of a lifetime may just bring them closer and let them discover that they have more in common than they ever imagined. Older sister Paige, is your average barbie girl , long legs, blonde hair , flawless skin, oozing confidence and has that screen presence, not to mention that when it comes to fashion and fashion advice, Paige is your go-to girl.
Erin on your other hand , is short and a bit chubbish , shy and not as outgoing as Paige and would prefer to be behind the cameras , not in front and her fashion sense is whatever's comfortable and casual that she can just chuck on. To Paige its like Miu-Miu is a line from Prada and Erin it is like Miu-Miu Who ?
When the sisters are offered a chance of a lifetime to star in their own reality tv show "On the Runway" for Paige this is a dream come true and for Erin, she's doing it to support Paige and the added bonus that she gets to film. However, things are about to become a little bit more than what they bargained for as the girls are invited to a New Years Bash on Reality TV Show :Malibu Beach. We read as Paige ends up head to head with lead star Mia and soon finds herself over her head in the world of stardom. Can Erin bring Paige back to earth before it's too late ?
Find out in Premiere as Paige and Erin Forrester make their famous debuts.


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