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Today's VBT# Author is part of the BKWalker Books Tour - Ashley Winter . We discuss her new book Shadows From The Past and we read a GP from the Desk of Ashley Winter.

Shadows from the Past

Synopsis : Shadows from the Past - Ashley Dawn - August 2007

".It is the price you pay for choosing to be a cop. Your brother's life."

Those words haunt her dreams, and her waking moments. LAPD officer, Aurora Kavvan cannot rest until she finds her brothers killer. Digging into the past always brings back unpleasant things: memories, guilt.the hit man. Now she is in a race against time to find the murderer before he finds her.
"Kill her. I don't care how, and I don't care where, but I want her dead now!"
Someone was trying to kill his dead partner's sister. FBI agent, Jordan Reiley will stop at nothing to protect the woman he loves. Even if it means going against her wishes; putting himself between her and the man who murdered her brother.
Will God keep them alive long enough for them to find the truth?


                                                        Bio Of Author : Ashley DawnAuthor Ashley Dawn was born and raised in rural Arkansas where she developed her love for writing while helping in her parent's office. She graduated with anaccounting degree from the University of Central Arkansas. Ashley has been writing professionally for the past seven years. She and her family make their home in TX.

                                                            Guest Post With Ashley Dawn:

Thank you so much Paula for having me on your blog today. I greatly appreciate it.

As I was thinking about the things I most wanted to share with your readers, my two year old brought me his favorite book ‘”Stand Back,” Said the Elephant. “I’m going to sneeze!”’ and said “Please mama are you too busy to read to me?”

That right there is exactly what I decided was the most important thing to do. I love to read to my children and it is so thrilling to me to see my son excited to read books with me! I have learned so much from him through our reading together, it has enhanced his imagination more than I thought possible. It is rewarding beyond words to see him sitting in the floor with his infant sister holding a book and ‘reading’ to her so she can hear the stories too.

I am passionate about reading, it is one of the main reasons I decided to write so to see my child so into books is just so rewarding. He has inspired me to try both reading and writing different genres because there is really nothing he doesn’t like to read about. The thirst he has for the stories is amazing and I hope that it is never quenched.

My blog is http://ashleysbookshelf.blogspot.com/

My books can be bought on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Shadows-Past-Ashley-Dawn/dp/1602472513/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1295740445&sr=8-1   for

Shadows From The Past or Authorhouse http://www.authorhouse.com/Bookstore/BookDetail.aspx?BookId=SKU-000222627
or you can email me for signed copies at ashleywintters@gmail.com


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