Monday, February 7, 2011

Review: Catwalk - On The Runway #2 - Melody Carlson

Are you into Christian Teenage fiction and fashion and wanting a new series to get into that mixes both of these together ? Check out Melody Carlson's series "On the Runway".

Catwalk (On the Runway)

Review: Catwalk - On the Runway Book #2 - Melody Carlson

Paige and Erin Forrester are back and this time it's bye bye Malibu Beach and Hello Fashion Week as the girls are on their way to interview some of the top designers and models and if they weren't lucky enough - Paige and Erin get to be in the show as models for Green Environment Designer Granada. Just as you thought that you may never see the Carter House Girls again , in New York we see Paige and Erin meet up with Katherine Carter , DJ, Eliza , Rhiannon and Taylor as of course they are modelling for their designer friend Dylan Marceau. Alot can happen during Fashion Week and on the Catwalk as we see the tensions flare between Paige and Erin with Paige having the fame go to her head and Erin wanting to promote some eco-friendly designers on the show. Catwalk has it all from Airport Jinks, Friends -new and old , fallouts , boyfriend troubles , teen pregnancy and of course a car crash which results in a death of one of the characters from the first book "Premiere" and most importantly Catwalk features a strong relationship with God as the Carter House Girls mix with the Forresters.
I'm now looking forward to reading Book #3 Rendevous which I have on order from the library.

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