Review: Scars - Cheryl Rainfield

Scars - we all have them , some are obvious and some are hidden away , tucked where nobody can find them . They can be emotional, mental or even physical and unfortunately they can either be stemmed from something worse - a trauma or they can lead to much worse including death and though we don't realise it when others see those Scars they take on the responsibility of knowing and sometimes for that other person it can become too much and we lose them also but then we can meet somebody who is tough enough to care and handle it and having that somebody there can help push you to the other side.


Review: Scars - Cheryl Rainfield - May 2010

Scars can come in many forms , both emotional and physical and for Kendra it comes in both forms , as a survivor of sexual abuse when she was younger she has been emotionally scarred and this in way could be why she has turned to liking girls over guys but physically for the last six months Kendra has been cutting herself with a blade, something that her offender taught her to do. Soon her offender starts following Kendra and making it clear that if she talks , he will KILL her and so begins a journey of Kendra and her therapist Carolyn who was also a former sexual abuse survivor and Megan - a girl that Kendra likes and she likes Kendra back and also somebody who knows what abuse can be like . Soon these two as well as her mum's friend Sandy become Kendra's rocks in her life as she starts to remember bits and pieces of her past and who the offender was. What will happen when she realises who the offender is and this leads to her mum as well as Kendra being in danger ? Can she be strong and has she finally reached a place in her life that enough is enough.
Scars is a raw and emotionally painful story to read and I teared up when reading it as in a way I can sense what Kendra is going through , not the sexual abuse part or even the actual cutting but more the escape mechanism and release she feels when cutting . This book is written by a fellow survivor of abuse her turned to cutting, the abuse is not talked about specifically but in order to reach the hearts of teenage girls especially, though their are guys who cut it helps to know that the author too went through a similar experience as it allows readers to know that they are not alone.


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