Review: Winter Wishes - Various Authors (R18 Read)

It's Christmas Time in the Shifter World and to celebrate, I have from Netgalley , on behalf of Carina Press , a lovely threesome of Christmas Tales. These tales contain Erotic sexual scenes and are suitable for R18 Audience.

Winter Wishes

Review: Winter Wishes - Various Authors - December 2010

It's Christmas Time in the Shifter world and three wonderful supernatural/ paranormal romance with a hint of erotica authors have combined forces to bring you a holiday threesome collection of tales.
First up, we have author Vivian Arend and her Cat Shifter tale "Tangled Tinsel" . In Tangled Tinsel we meet two Cat shifters , Kyle is a big strong Cougar who one night is out and about looking for a bit of christmas fun -if you know what I mean when he spots in a bar El , another Cat. El , has a secret though - she is in fact a LAPD cop and on a mission to protect Kyle as the police need him as a witness. Things get heated between the two in a lingere shop and soon Kyle wakes up to find himself -handcuffed to El's bed. Now El must take Kyle to meet her parents and he must in turn spend Christmas with her family. As the story goes on , the tension and sparks between these two start sizzling and by the end of the novel we read as El makes a decision whether or not she truly loves Kyle ? Is this the Christmas of Love for El or is Kyle using his playboy charms on her ?
The second story , which turned out to be my favourite as in the world of supernatural , I tend to lean towards Vampires, Demons , Angels etc and No Angel by Vivi Andrews tells the story of Sasha who when her boyfriend Jay ends up being sucked down to Hell , she is chosen as Champion of Virtue to go and save him . However , it is in Hell that Sasha will discover Jay's true identity and the real reason he was sucked into hell. Now Sasha has till the 25th of December to save him and rescue him or she and him will be trapped in the Legion of Hell and Sasha is about to get the shock of her life as she discovers that her boyfriend's stepdad is Lucifer himself.
The final story in Winter Wishes is Freeze Line by Moira Rogers , Freeze Line tells the story of Werewolf Shane who is living in solitude just above the Freeze line. Shane soon meets a Witch called Nadia who is dying due to the fact that her magic doen't reach out where she is , it sounds a bit like Wireless Wi-fi . As the two fight their way south to get Nadia to safety both feel the changes their respective kind has to the magic in the earth. But could there be another magic brewing, a magic between them? Can Shane save Nadia and will the wolf and the witch end up together or will it be too late to save her .
Find out all this and more with a bit of Holiday cheer in Winter Wishes.


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