VBT# Anyone Can Die - James LePore

Today's VBT# is Part 1/3 of James LePore's touring with his new book "Anyone Can Die" as part of the Pump Up Your Book Tour.

Anyone Can Die

Review: Anyone Can Die - James LePore- February 2011

As readers of The Phantom Paragrapher will know is that I am not really a huge fan of short stories as their writing style tends to get on my nerves. However , that was to not be the case with author James LePore's collection of Short Stories in "Anyone Can Die".
Anyone Can Die is based around three people - all with interweaving lives. The first is Pat Nolan on his honeymoon with his wife at the time in New Mexico, what started a fun time away celebrating their love for one another turned into a bloodthirsty battle of sorts as they are attacked and confronted by three men, however as the first tale titled "Till Death Do us Part" , we realise that they took the vow seriously and would do anything to save the other.
The second story is God's Warriors which focuses years later about Megan Nolan - Pat's now grown up daughter. She has developed into a cynical and arrogant women who decides it's time to escape from America to backpack around Europe. During this time, Megan will make a life-changing decision that will both reveal and destroy the person she has tried to make for herself . The main theme throughout this tale is realising the true essence whether we like it or not of one's character being.
The final story is Max - a nice simple title and straight to the point as it talks about Max French , an FBI agent who is quirky and deadly with a hint of oddly lovable. It is in Max, that we really discover what Max French-FBI Agent is made out of as he faces a decision in his life that seems at the time is Fate and what results in Max, is the ripples of the actions he took. Will the ripples be bad ones or good ones ? This story reminded me of an episode off Joan of Arcadia - a show Ive been watching alot of at the moment.
Anyone Can Die , is a collection of fast-paced, thrilling and suspenseful stories that will have you whizzing through the book and when you have finished will leave you aching for more tales by James LePore.


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