Review : Thank You God for Mommy - Amy Parker

Being a Children's and Teenagers Librarian by day, my job involves running the Toddler Time which is for 0-4 yrs old. This ends up with myself being a sucker for awesome picture books , that I can share with the children and I thought that this one on by Amy Parker "Thank You God for Mommy" was adorable to share.

Thank You God For Mommy

Review: Thank You God for Mommy - Amy Parker - April 2011

This is one of the most cutest picture books I have read in such a long time from the amazing artwork to the wonderful rhymes on the page , that as I read them my eyes started to water and I had to ring my mother and share it with her . Thank you God for Mommy tells the story of a baby Panda and a Mommy Panda , and how the baby Panda is appreciative of God for giving him such an awesome Mommy.
This is the perfect gift for all children and if you are christian then even better as it has a god perspective to the story. This is one that every mother should read with their child and once they have read it, if their mothers are still alive and kicking, then it is something that you will want to share with them.


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