Friday, February 18, 2011

Review : Three Black Swans - Caroline B. Cooney

Who remembers the infamous story "The face on the Milk Carton" written by Caroline B. Cooney ? The book that even inspired a movie. After years of not seeing a Caroline Cooney book , we had a new release arrive in the library. Well , its a few months old but new to the Library system. Reading it reminded me why I like Caroline B. Cooney.

Three Black Swans

Review: Three Black Swans - Caroline B. Cooney - August 2010

It all started out as a school assignment , thinking outside of the box - Create a hoax that everyone will believe. Missy V took the assignment to the next step, her and her cousin Claire have always been able to finish each other's sentences and have a strong eerie resemblance but have just shrugged it off to being family. However when Claire decides to act like Missy's long lost twin sister , things are about to become even bigger than anyone realised as the two girls are in fact sisters but not identical twins but triplets. When the video is leaked onto Youtube by School Radio guy Rick, across in another county Genevive aka Vivi sees the video and for her it is like looking into a mirror, the girls talking -sound like her , laugh like her and look exactly like her. Soon the three girls meet and discover , that the lives they have known all their life and the parents they thought were theirs are in fact their adopted parents. What mysteries and truths will await the three girls as one school assignment turns out to be a life-changing event, A story that I think everyone should read and once you get started you will definitely not be able to put it down, as you will want to know what exactly happened and why each of the girls have a different birthday ?

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  1. The story spreads like the plague, and someone even puts it on YouTube. Everyone believes them; even Claire confronts her own doubts and admits she suspects a hidden truth. And then their parents see the video and must finally reveal their deeply buried family secret. But the revelations don't end there. Someone else sees the video, a lonely person by the name of Genevieve, whose world is also about to explode and be turned upside down.

    Caroline B. Cooney is the well-known author of many award-winning books, and she comes through once again with another stand-out effort. Cooney has a wonderful talent for creating and developing characters, making them interesting, well rounded and believable. She takes her creations and drops them into a swirling, churning, mesmerizing drama that drags readers quickly through the pages and doesn't let go. Cooney also has a gift for writing about relationships, especially those between family members.


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