Review : Changing the Rules - Sindee Lynn

I thought this symbol with the heart in the apple was cute and as a fan of Twilight , I thought I just have to have this picture to symbolise romance novels on my blog as I had a symbol for Chick-Lit but when you put things into perspective about different sub-genres , all women romance novels are not nessecarily Chick-Lit and those not do not always fall into the category of erotic fiction , so this is to balance the in-betweens .

Changing the Rules

Review: Changing the Rules - Sindee Lynn - February 2010

The interview process is always such a daunting subject , especially when you are about to enter a company that is predominantly a white person's sector. For Sasha Jordan , the morning of her interview was like fate interferring if it was not one thing wrong it was another. Arriving to the interview, she ends up in an elevator with obviously another employee- a handsome white guy who compared to her 5ft something status , he looked like a giant. He was hot, and a career guy , he had Sasha tingling. Though it went against everything that she had set in place for herself with Guy Rules #1 - Do not Date somebody not Black and soon Guy Rule #2 - Do not date somebody that you work with or could be a potential worker . Due to the proper interviewer being called to a meeting - Mr Shaunesshy ,Sasha was to be interviewed by the CFO Mr Matthews. Little do they both know , that they were the other half in the elevator. As the story goes, Sasha eventually recieves the job with Rule #2 in place , tries her hardest to resist Mr. Matthews but of course, we are about to discover with Sasha whether Love is dictated by rules and maybe it does pay in order to find Mr. Perfect to bend those rules ever so slightly and maybe break a few on the way to happiness .
A storyline that we have seen in Made In Honor , that sometimes the best relationships are those ones that we have to break our rules for and that in a relationship- maybe rules are something to be chucked out the window. Find out what happens in "Changing the Rules" by Sindee Lynn.


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