Review : Never Let You Go- Erin Healy

Funny seeing the Gilmore Girls Challenge Logo reminded me of the conversation I had with a friend , we spent half an hour trying to rack our brains to what Kirk's Girlfriend's name was and for those who don't know it : The answer my Gilmore Girls Friends is Lulu.

Todays book in a way does not come across as a Christian Fiction but this is because it slips into my favourite category of Edgy Christian Fiction with it's mystery and thriller aspect along with drugs and murder.

Never Let You Go

Review: Never Let You Go - Erin Healey - May 201

Losing everything can knock the wind out of you and it can take years to reclaim what you had before and sometimes you will never be able to reclaim what you have lost. For Lexi Solomon, seven years ago she had everything she ever wanted , a family, a husband and a daughter. That all changed the day her sister Tara was murdered. Her husband walked out on her , the guy she had a brief affair with was arrested for murder , her father ended up in a mental institution and her mother decided to jet-set around the world and take up a job as a travelling food critic. Now seven years later , the life Lexi has built for her and her nine-year old daughter is about to come crumbling down and if they are not careful , then it is about to become literally a living nightmare as Lexi is being stalked by her ex-husband Grant's crazy friend Ward who wants Lexi all to himself and if he doesn't then it's bye-bye Molly , Norman the guy who killed Lexi's sister and the guy Lexi had a brief affair with is about to be let out on parole and to top it off Lexi's mother Alice and ex-husband Grant are back in town and they both want to get to re-know Molly. Can Lexi survive this nightmare or is Ward about to take it up a notch with kidnapping ? . Where is God when you need him the most , it seems though that God is keeping an eye out for Lexi and Molly as he delivers her in the form of a hunky guy - a human angel of sorts - Michaelangelo . Can Angelo be Lexi's Knight in Shining armour and help her through this dark time before the darkness starts to consume her ? Never Let You Go explores the high-stakes decisions played out in the thin spaces between heaven and earth.


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