Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review : Solomon's Jar - Rogue Angel #2 - Alex Archer

Are you into adventure stories and getting down and dirty ? Well get ready for a series that will have you aching for more adventures of Annja Creed - With Alex Archer's series "Rogue Angel".

Solomon's Jar (Rogue Angel, Book 2)

Review : Solomon's Jar - Rogue Angel Book #2- Alex Archer -2006

After being named "The Chosen One" and following in her predecessor's footsteps -Joan of Arc with the help of her mentor Roux, Annja Creed is on what she calls -a mission from God which wouldn't sound that ridiculous if you weren't a self-proclaimed atheist like Annja. Taking a years sabbatical from her job as a TV Presenter of History show Chasing Monsters, she hopes to discover her purpose ,however during her discovery when word leaks that the King Solomon's jar of demons has been found, Annja steps back into her archaeological shoes as Annja Creed - renowned Archaeologist and TV Presenter on Chasing History;s Monsters. Of course it wouldn't be a Rogue Angel novel without Annja kicking some butt - Buffy the Vampire Slayer style with her millennium old Joan of Arc sword. However, King Solomon's jar is not going to be an easy find as the jar rumoured to contain several demons and when the jar was found they were rumoured to be released . Its a race filled with possessed people and animals , religious fanatics, treasure hunters and archaeologists- each wanting the jar for their own purpose and what happens when Annja stumbles upon a company recreating fake KS Jars that are almost replicas , We also meet an oracle called Tssiporah who is a guide called for Annja. Unlike her first novel "Destiny" we see Annja having an on/off again relationship with British archaeologist called Aidan.
Another wonderful installment of Rogue Angel and stay tuned for more adventures.

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