Review: Prince's Donor - Sindee Lynn

I know that I said I would only use this symbol for those romance books in-between , but I can't help it with this one - I know it's corny but this is a Vampire Romance novel :) Get it ?

Prince's Donor

Review : Prince's Donor - Sindee Lynn - Feb 2010

As a fan of the Vampire , we all dream of getting ourselves our own Vampire, with their sexiness , need , passion and the fact that they are flawless. They say a Vampire's bite can be the most amazing orgasmnic experience.  Sindee Lynn's Prince's Donor is the perfect mix of Paranormal Romance . With it's Paranormal factor of the hunky Vampires to the Romance level between lead characters.
In Prince's Donor, they are living in a world similar to True Blood - the Vampires have come out into the open and let people know that they are real and exist in today's society and who knows -you may be living next to one as we have been mingling with your mortal world for centuries without you mere mortals realising. With the press release of Vampires came a price for humans - a government database was created for humans who wished to become donors to the Vampires. Jenna James , was one of those girls who put her name down as a donor with not much expectation except maybe a hot hunky Vampire sucking her blood. The day before she was to pull out, a Vampire comes knockin' at her door needing her . The Vampire turns out to be a Prince - Syrian.
As the story progresses at a blood-racing pace , we see it start out as just your regular donor -fix between Vampire and Human , then of course comes the romance part that we all love as we discover that their are romantic sparks flying between the two and Syrian is about to discover that he cannot live without Jenna ?
Will these two be able to continue their relationship or will sacrifices have to be made and is it possible for a Vampire to fall in love with it's Donor ?
Find out in "Prince's Donor" by Sindee Lynn.


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