Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review : The Day I Killed James - Catherine Ryan Hyde

Have you ever done something so terrible and then something worst happened and you thought that somehow it was all your fault, that your actions had lead up to this occassion ?

The Day I Killed James

Review : The Day I Killed James - Catherine Ryan Hyde - Oct 2010

Have you ever done something so bad for the one you love , that you didn't stop to think and consider the consequences and what it could do to others ?
Author Catherine Ryan Hyde is famous for the fact that all her novels tend to play a huge role in the self-realisation process. From Pay it Forward to Love in The Present Tense and my favourite "When I Found You".
Today's book "The Day I Killed James" tells the story of Theresa who had her pick of guys - one that she loved and would do anything for and the other who loved her and would do anything for her. When the one she loves tells her , he is taking another girl to the local party, Theresa is devastated and finds the best way for revenge is to turn up with another guy- James , the guy who would do anything for Theresa. After a silly party prank , James runs off and commits Suicide and what follows is the death of James and how Theresa felt responsible and has a strong sense of blame on herself. Eager to start anew and fresh life, she runs away with a new identity Annie Stewart. Here she meets Georgia aka Cathy, an eleven year old girl who in a way is just like Theresa. We read as they both discover that in order to really move forth with their lives, is to accept that they weren't too blame and to seek forgiveness from those closest to them and go from there as running away doesn't solve your problems, it just makes you go in circles.
This novel is what true love is and in places so tearful as it describes the lengths someone will go for the one they truly love.

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