Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review: Sierra Jensen Collection : Volume Two

Remember the exciting review I did a while back on Volume #1 of the Sierra Jensen Collection , well after a long awaited wait, I have finally recieved Volume #2 and Im so glad that I got to read it and am now holding out for Volume #3 which I recieved a notification from the library that it is waiting for me to pick up . The Sierra Jensen collection is the ideal present for any teenage girl wanting to read more Christian teen fiction.

Sierra Jensen Collection, Vol 2

Review : The Sierra Jensen Collection - Volume #2 - Books 4-6- Robin Jones Gunn - June 2006

In Volume #2 we are presented with the next three books in the series . Book #4 -Close Your Eyes takes us on a journey of relationships as we see Sierra tied between not just one or two guys but three and this is somebody who has yet to have a first boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. All of whom she cares for and may even love, but can Sierra see what is in front of her when her perfect guy and heart belongs to Paul aka The Phantom and what will happen when he flies off to Scotland for a year long mission trip. Is Sierra better off without him, when she has two other guys pining for her attention ? Who will she choose best friend Randy or the new hunky Drake ?
In Book #5 - Without a Doubt we read as Sierra gets closer to Drake on a youth group Camping trip. What will happen though when Sierra discovers her best friend Amy also has a major crush alert out on Drake and how will Randy react when she chooses Drake over him ? Will their foursome group of friends end up going their separate ways? What will happen though as near the end of the trip, Sierra starts to have second thoughts about her relationship with Drake as God's word touches a nerve and pulls a heartstring . Is Sierra ready to take the full leap into dating and moving up a rung on the friendship ladder or does it clash with her relationship with God.
In the final book, Book #6- With this ring we read the results of Sierra's decision and her reflection on the issue of relationships. We also read as Sierra takes the next step in her relationship with God as her father presents her with a purity ring on a father/daughter date. (TPPN: This made me smile as me and my dad have father/daughter dates, though none as flash as in Book #6). Of course the title of this story has a double meaning as we also read the uniting and marriage of Doug and Tracey whom we met in Book #1 on Sierra's mission trip to Europe.

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