Review: Lasting Damage - Sophie Hannah

Today's book is a genre that I like to explore and read every now and again , it is also a genre that in the past years I have read many books, but of course with the way books are moving and working in a library, every now and again you will receive an influx of one particular topic, genre etc. Today's book falls into the genre of Psychological Thriller.

Lasting Damage. Sophie Hannah

Review: Lasting Damage - Sophie Hannah- February 2011

They say with scars they can last a long time, physical scars not so much as they can always heal through time but emotional scars can cut you deep and leave you mentally insane or much worse .
Connie Bowskill, ever since leaving Cambridge with her husband Kit seven years ago, she has been obsessed over what if's and of course it is causing a divide in her family affairs. One morning at approx 1.15am - Connie heads to a property website and finds a listing for a Cambridge address - 11 Bentley Grove, an address that for the past 6 months she has been obsessed with. Deciding to take a virtual tour of the property, Connie clicks a button but when she reaches the lounge viewing she is about to get the fright of her life as staring back at her from the computer screen is a dead body of a woman. Connie , not knowing what to do next, rushes to get her husband but of course when he arrives back -the body on the screen is nowhere to be seen . Has marriage finally caught up to these two and their differences starting to show in the cracks ? Does Connie actually know the real Kit and what happens when she discovers a much scarier truth about her husband than she ever imagined and what really went on in Cambridge just before they left all those years ago ?
Another marriage is on the rocks, returning from their honeymoon - Charlie and Simon are both wondering whether they should have got married as the honeymoon is supposed to be their happiest times ,so why are they both in moods and not trusting each other and is Charlie holding on tight to something as she ponders whether to take Simon's surname ?
We once again join Simon, Charlie , Sam as they try to solve the murder of the unidentified woman and discover a web of tangled deciets strung behind .
As always Lasting Damage proves to be another successful pyschological thriller by Sophie Hannah and fans of Michael Robothams and Karen Robards will enjoy books by Sophie Hannah.

Stay Tuned Readers as I bring at a later date an Interview with UK Author Sophie Hannah.


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