Sunday, February 6, 2011

Review: Last Sacrifice - Richelle Mead

Today in a sense marked a semi-sad occasion for readers like myself of the Vampire Academy series as I have just finished reading the final book #6 in the Vampire Academy series . I am in two minds , Happy that I finished it as I was looking so forward to it and Sad as it concludes the end of a series- the last book.

Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy, Book 6)

Review : Last Sacrifice - Vampire Academy #6 - Richelle Mead - Dec 2010

At the end of Book #5 Spirit Bound, we heard about the death of Queen Tatiana and saw Guardian Rose Hathaway being put away for her death. Now with the funeral processions happening, they have moved Rose's trial which all think she is guilty for to two weeks. Two weeks before she learns her fate as either proclaimed her innocence that we all know she is or they still find her guilty and execute her. During Tatiana's procession, it seems Rose's friends and family see this as the perfect opportunity to stage Rose's escape which will also give them more time to find out the identity of the real killer.  The escape sees Rose on a journey with Dimitri and their Alchemist friend Sydney. The journey takes them first to a "safe place" but of course Rose has other plans - she was told that Lissa had a secret half-sibling . Rose soons teams up with arch-enemy and brother Victor and Robert to find Strigoi and ex-teacher Sonya Karp who was turned like Dimitri and as Lissa saved Dimitri ,we are about to witness the turning of Sonya with the help of Spirit User Robert. Along the journey, we also sense a lot of romantic feelings from all sorts of guys and the one girl stuck in the middle -Rose as she has to fight off a wedding proposal , and then decide who her dream guy and soul mate is - her current boyfriend Moroi Royalty Adrian or Dhampir Dimitri whom her heart has alway belonged to ? .
Find out in Last Sacrifice in which we see every single character make a sacrifice which will result in the consequences affecting their futures - some for good and others for bad ? Which side will your sacrifice lead you and even more is your sacrifice for you or somebody else ?
An awesome way to finish off the Vampire Academy Series and who knows in the next few years we may see it transferred to the big screen.

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