Review: Rhymes with Witches - Lauren Myracle

Today's book judging by the title , you can get a glimpse of what it is about "Rhymes with Witches" ...... any guesses ?.

Rhymes With Witches

Review : Rhymes with witches - Lauren Myracle - March 2006

Lauren Myracle's book is for fans of the movie Mean Girls and those that follow in tradition of backstabbing, pranks and outright meaniness.
Jane was as her name suggested , plain and invisible - not that she really minded too much as she'd sit and camp out in the library at lunch etc reading her Ramona and Beezus Books.
(For fans of this books, a movie has been made starring Selena Gomez) .
Until one day, she was noticed by a group of girls , known as "the bitches" these girls were the popular ones and ruled the school, an elite group where every year only one entrant was welcomed in -so that all times they would remain a group of four.
This year, Jane has caught their attention and soon Jane is swirled and caught up in a world with the Bitches and of course Jane soon discovers that being a Bitch isn't all that it is chalked up to being and in order to rise to their level, others must fall.
Will Jane continue with their little game or will she in the process find her true self and realise that she is better than them and does not need "bitch" status to succeed and make friends.
Find out in "Rhymes with witches" , a fun teen read that does contain the occassional black magic sentences.


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