Review : Intertwined - Gena Showalter

Today's book is one that I tried reading when it was first released , but at that stage I couldn't get into it at all. However when I noticed that the library recieved book #2 in the series , I thought why not give it another go and what do you know - I enjoyed it.

Intertwined (Harlequin Teen)

Review: Intertwined - Gena Showalter - July 2010

Have you ever experienced with a book, that feeling when you pick it up and start reading it , just to find no matter what you can't get into it and then later down the track something sparks in your mind about that book -maybe it's become popular all of a sudden or a sequel has just been released, so you decide to pick it up again and this time around , you find yourself enjoying it.
For me, the book was Gena Showalter's Intertwined . I tried to read it about a year ago and couldn't get into it and just recently I saw that the library had purchased Book #2 Unravelled - so I thought why not give it another go and I'm glad I did as I really enjoyed it.
Intertwined focuses on Aden Stone , a foster child who has been labelled as a Schizophrenic . However Aden isn't schizophrenic in fact he's far from it - he just happens to have been born with 4 spirits inside of him. Each with a different power - he has Elijah, Julian, Caleb and Eve. One can raise the dead , time-travel, possess another body and time-travel. When Aden moves to a ranch for troubled boys, he starts to see things that he has had visions about - especially two girls . One that he knows he is destined to be with and the other is one who can quieten the voices in his head. Soon Aden is thrown into a world much stranger than Zombies, Bullies and Spirits - a world that is about to also involve Ghosts, Vampires, Fae, Demons and Werewolves.
We also discover in Intertwined the real identity of Eve -one of Aden's 4 voices and how she is related to one of the girls Mary-Anne who can stop the voices inside of Aden.
Find out more as we discover how everybody's lives with a simple touch can be intertwined with a purpose and stay tuned for Book #2 as it all ends up "Unravelled"


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