Review: The Seven Year Bitch - Jennifer Belle

I don't know what it is about books , how somedays you just get kind of into a reading theme as the last two books Ive read , both contained the word "bitch" in them, but of course it was in a positive way not a degrading or derogatory term.

The Seven Year Bitch

Review: The Seven Year Bitch - Jennifer Belle - May 2010

For Isolde aka Izzy Brilliant, her life was just that "brilliant". She had a job as a hedge fund manager, a husband and an apartment. Then one day -five years later she became a mother and her whole life turned upside down including the loss of her job and her husband started becoming distant. So when Izzy's friend Joy tells her she is divorcing from her husband of seven years , Izzy starts to get worried as she has heard of the Seven year Itch- when couples start to get fidgety , but what married mothers have is called the Seven Year Bitch -when they turn into their nagging and always angry mothers. When a blast from Izzy's past , a guy she had the chance too escape to Paris all those years ago is reunited with Izzy. She starts to wonder what life would be like with Gabe ? Soon we see Izzy juggling motherhood, relationships, friendships and a job judging essay contests and trying to re-ignite the spark in her marriage .When Izzy falls pregnant with their second child , is this the spark needed to re-ignite and join their marriage together or is it just a feeble attempt to hold what remains ? Find out in the Seven Year Bitch to see whether Izzy jetsets it off with Gabe or will she take another stab with husband Russell?


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