Monday, February 14, 2011

Review : Licensed for Trouble - Susan May Warren

Today's book takes us into the PJ Sugar series by Susan May Warren , a fun lighthearted Christian Mystery Series.

Licensed for Trouble (PJ Sugar)

Review: Licensed For Trouble - PJ Sugar series Book #3- Susan May Warren - July 2010

Wanting a nice light-hearted mystery series thats like Nancy Drew for adults and in between Veronica Mars and The Bounty Hunter ? PJ Sugar is one that's nickname has always been NBT - Nothing But Trouble , being adopted PJ has always known that she is one destined for trouble and unlike the rest of the Sugar family. However when PJ is outwitted by a bail jumper and photographed with handcuffs on, it is the start of something new . PJ Sugar has just been announced the sole heiress to the Kellogg estate , yes the town they live in is called Kellogg- like the cereal. The Kellogg family and Sugar family have a dark secret , one that has for many years been kept hidden but now that Allegra Kellogg has passed away, it's about to come in light- PJ Sugar's mother was a Kellogg. Ontop of this, her new handyman has no idea of who he is and PJ Sugar finds herself on a case to find out his true identity . Can PJ Sugar whose known for leaving trouble wherever she goes , solve two mysteries and try and sort out her personal life as well - as PJ has two guys after her - Detective Boone and PI Jeremy Kane ? Which one will PJ end up falling fall and choosing ?
A fun mystery novel filled with PI antics , family issues, relationships and trying to keep out of mischief.

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  1. I haven't heard of this book yet. Itsounds like a really cute read :) Thanks for the heads up!


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