Review : The Spider Stone - Alex Archer

Fan of the hit TV Show Relic Hunter starring character Sydney Fox and her bumbling English assistant Nigel ? If so then you are in for a treat as I bring forth to you the third book in the Rogue Angel series "The Spider Stone" by Alex Archer -uncovering more relics and artifacts with Annja Creed - Rogue Angel.

The Spider Stone (Rogue Angel, Book 3)

Review : The Spider Stone - Rogue Angel #3 - Alex Archer - 2006

The story starts in the year 1755 with a young boy named Yohance in a small village called Hausa which is part of Nigeria, Africa. Now Yohance was known as a "Keeper" - protector of a sacred rock called "The Spider Stone:. This stone was to protect the village from ever disappearing and if the stones were taken then this village would cease to exist.
Fast forward to present time - In Kirktown, Georgia bodies have been uncovered , bodies that have been hidden for 150 years. Amongst those bodies is the 4th Yohance, and hidden in what used to be his intenstines is the Spider Stone.
Annja has been called to translate the spider stone and of course as always their are others after the stone including Tafari - a guy that Homeland Security are after. We follow Annja on a journey from America to Africa to do what she does best beside killing and harming the bad guys along the way with her Joan of Arc sword. With a visit from her old friend Garin , can Annja trust him or has he got an ulterior motive up his sleeve? Find out as Annja goes deeper into trouble to help save the long lost tribe of Hasua and restore the promises made by Ananias the Spider God. Can Annja once again save the day or has she finally meet her match with bad guy/killer Tafari.


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