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VBT # Review : A Pointed Death - Kath Russell

Are you in the mood for a mystery\thriller ? Something that I have found interesting is that now as a reviewer , I don't seem to read alot of mystery books , but I also think that this is due to their not being an influx of mystery writers as everyone seems to be cashing in on the ever so popular Supernatural/ Paranormal/Urban Fantasy fix at the moment .

As part of Pump Up Your Books , they offer the opportunities for authors to A) Star in their own Virtual Book Tours or B) Offer their books up for review, I tend to do a bit of both and today we have a book review of  Kath Russell's first book in the series "A Pointed Death".

A Pointed Death

Review: A Pointed Death - Book #1: The Pointer Mystery Series- Kath Russell- Aug 2010

What happens when you get down on your luck and end up losing everything and ontop of that the end result is finding yourself number #1 on a murder suspect list ?
For Nola Billingsley, once again her entreprenuial business has gone bust and she finds herself back living at home with her 80yr old mother and their pet dog Skootch whom she adopted from the SPCA. Out walking her dog Skootch , she stops into the local market only to find a headless man and worst for Nola is that she actually knows who he is . The victim turns out to be Roger Chen , a finance guy who embezzeled and frauded Nola's company which of course she was having the case investigated. Now with him dead and out of the way, the police are looking for a suspect and Nola seems to be their number one. So of course, Nola does what any innocent person would do , she dons her Veronica Mars and Nancy Drew Hat along with her sidekick dog Skootch and off she goes to solve the murder case herself and proclaim her innocence. Along the way though , Nola and the lead Detective Harrison start developing feelings for each other. Can they solve this case before it's too late and both their lives and love for each other are on the line from the real killers. It's now a race for time as Nola must put her skills of finance, biotechnology and TV Detective skills to work as she races to solve not only the case but save her relationship ?
A humourous light-hearted mystery , though gruesome in places that all mystery solvers will enjoy.

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  1. This sounds like a fun book. Mysteries, even silly ones, have always been one of my favorite genres.



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