Saturday, February 19, 2011

Review: What Matters Most - Diary of a Teenage Girl - Maya #3- Melody Carlson

Continuing with Melody Carlson's Books Diary of a Teenage Girl series, I bring you the third book in the Maya series . Reading this book also lead me to a wonderful singer whom I discovered I enjoy her music Anna Gilbert.

What Matters Most (Diary of a Teenage Girl)

Review : What Matters Most - DOATG Maya Book #3- Melody Carlson - Sept 2009

Maya has had all that she could imagine come her way, however it hasn't been easy with tragedy one way or occuring. Firstly the death of an aunty she never realised she had, then her mother ended up in prison and Maya went to live with her dad then Uncle and at the end of Book #2 we saw Maya's friend Marissa end up in a coma and Maya's conflicts about guys especially one in particular - Dominic. In Book #3 Maya is still coming to terms with Marissa's accident that left Marissa Brain damaged , her mother has been released from Jail and not only does Maya have Dominic to worry about, another guy at school Wyatt is showing an interest in Maya and his ex-girlfriend Vanessa isn't too happy about it and is putting her vipers out on Maya.  Can Maya cope with all that is happening or when she is offered a chance to leave school and become a rock 'n' roll star , will she jump at the chance to escape from reality when the going gets tough ? We also once again see Maya's judgement about God start to sway , can she remain strong no matter what happens?
Also in this book, we discover a new christian singer called Anna Gilbert, I youtubed her and ended up downloading some of her songs onto my IPOD.

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