Review: Dividing Dark- Melissa Swain

Today's book does not contain the word "bitch" LOL. This is a Young adult supernatural , that for once the shifter does not turn into a werewolf, vampire, cat of any kind but strangely enough a reptile - sort of like a lizard.
Dividing Dark

Review: Dividing Dark - Melissa Swain - August 2010

The novel starts in a way that you think it has been written centuries ago, two teens protecting a cave and it's secrets from being closed , however it then jumps to before the incident with lead female character Flannery aka Fee , starting a new school and a new life after her father was killed in the War. Now in the small town of Huntsville, Alabama . Fee has to try and make friends, though for her making friends is just the ice-berg of the problem as we discover that she is also suffering from an eating disorder - this is something that most females and the occasional male gender can associate with . So when Fee is invited to go spelunking with a group of students from school , she decides to go along though of course Fee has never spelunked before. Her journey begins when she goes spelunking - for those who don't know what it is it's caving, where she meets Faron. They are immediately attracted to each other.However they are both hiding a dark secret , Faron is in fact a shapeshifter - half human and half reptile and of course Fee has her eating disorder ?
As like most love stories, we see the characters build up love for each other and soon we discover that Fee is a powerful girl brought to bring a truce between the light and darkness of the world , and Faron needs help to save the secrets of his people before they are destroyed forever. Can the two work together and we discover each of them no matter what their differences can have a happy ending -well for now anyway. When the going gets tough, can these two overcome the obstacles with their teenage love or will peer pressure retaliate ?
From a personal point, I would like to acknowledge that Melissa Swaim dedicated this book to a friend who passed away.


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