Review: My Sister's Voice - Mary Carter

Imagine waking up one day after spending your whole life thinking that you were left as a baby on a doorstep of an orphanage to discover that you had a twin sister who lived a happy and healthy life with the people who were your parents. Waking up one day after realising that you have spent your whole life alone and now you actually have a real family.

My Sister's Voice

Review: My Sister's Voice - Mary Carter - June 2010

Imagine waking up one morning , twenty eight years old and thinking that all you have now is all you've got and that considering you were raised in a home for disabled orphans -the piece of information comes to you as a shock. For Leah, a deaf and upcoming artist -this piece of information comes in the form of a letter. Reading " You have a sister. A Twin to be exact, She is living in Boston".
The first discovery of the twin leads Leah to a bookshop and at that stage she is highly convinced her friends are playing a prank on her, but as the story goes on we learn that Leah has a twin sister called Monica , who was raised by their biological parents.
Leah, distraught and angry about why they gave her up and never seeked her out, she plans to gain revenge and find out the answers to why they gave her up, however as Lacey continues on her quest along with Monica, It seems that a Pandora box of secrets , skeletons that have been hiding in the Benjamin's closet for about 30years are all about to spill as a domino effect occurs, including the revelation of how Leah became Deaf and why her and her sister were separated.
A story that will open up a novel of protection and that with family, we can go to lengths to hide and protect others and eventually by doing this , it can also fall into a trap of secrets being locked up and past truths forgotten.


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