Review: Unveiled - Courtney Milan

Im not normally one for reading Historical romances, but every now and again I'll come across one that I will enjoy and courtesy of Netgalley . I bring you Unveiled by Courtney Milan.

Unveiled (Hqn)

Review: Unveiled -Courtney Milan - January 2011

One of my favourite things about Historical romances besides having a hint of eroticy and steamniness to them is the fact that they have some of the most beautiful book covers around- from the colour scheme to of course the main picture.
Unveiled takes us back to the years of England -Somerset to be precise in the year 1837. It tells the tale of Ash Turner , a greedy guts who can't wait to get his hands on becoming a duke -even if it means pushing a few boundaries and initiating and bringing to reality old laws nd evidence. It seems by doing this , he has knocked out a couple of relatives from the throne and pushed himself from number three  to number one in line of becoming Duke of Parford Castle.
However, what Ash didn't count on was the current Duke's who is on his death bed - his daughter Margaret to be staying in the house. Pretending to play the role of health nurse to her father , Margaret believes that she can pretend to be a servant , so that she can spy on and repirt back to what Ash Turner is up too. Disguised as a servant, Ash has no idea who she is but soon sparks start to fly between the two and lo' and behold Margaret finds herself like a piggy in the middle as she is faced with the reality that she may as well love Ash.
Can Margaret and Ash put aside their differences to ride their love boat of passion or will their strong family loyalities get in the way of their happiness together?
Find out as we unveil whether it is Passion that wins the fight or when it comes to the crunch is Loyalty a stronger quality ?


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